7 Steps to Improve Your Standup Paddleboard Paddling Technique

Published 3:24 pm | May 27, 2019

Riding a standup paddleboard requires practice starting with boarding, standing,...

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SUP Basics: Maneuvering and Falling on Flat Water

Published 10:52 am | April 29, 2019

Stand-up paddleboards are popular this summer season in the Philippines....

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SUP Basics: Safety Tips and Step by Step Boarding

Published 3:37 pm | April 23, 2019

Without a doubt, this video showing all the moves you...

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Things You Need to Look for in an Offshore Fishing Boat

Published 2:23 pm | March 27, 2019

There’s plenty of excitement to be found at sea and...

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Tips in Finding the Right Paddleboard You Need

Published 3:06 pm | February 26, 2019

You can do lots of enjoyable activities with a paddleboard....

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Call ‘Em As You See ‘Em: Identify Sailboats by Mast and Sail

Published 10:52 am | January 29, 2019

Most days, it is a nice time to sail around...

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How to Choose the Right Sailboat for Sale in the Philippines

Published 4:43 pm | November 28, 2018

Have you ever dreamed of having your own boat someday?...

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