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All Leopard models are known for their unique, modern designs, but what sets this catamaran apart from other 40ft range and its predecessors? And why should you buy a for sale one in the Philippines? Join us as we take a look at the Leopard 40, get to know its strengths & downsides and help you decide if this multihull is the right choice for you.

A Look at the Leopard 40

The Leopard 40, like any other cats from the Leopard series, takes pride in its blue-water performance, agility, and speed. Of course, innovations were made from the older models, with the Leopard 40 now boasting of increased volume in the hulls and interior design, unlike any Leopard before it.

In this new catamaran, the galley is now located forward with the saloon and aft cabins redesigned to offer more living space for the owner. The added sliding doors also create a huge area between the cockpit and the saloon. Storage units were also intelligently rearranged while numerous opening hatches and portholes can be found in the boat.


With the Leopard 40’s increased volume in the hulls, you get to enjoy the boat’s better performance and good load-carrying capacity. What we love about this 40ft catamaran is its excellent visibility, and the forward-facing galley allowing for a genius panoramic 360° view. It’s definitely what a boat owner would look for in a leisurely sail.

The multihull’s spacious areas also provide added comfort when sailing the seas. The design even promotes an open flow between the aft cockpit and the saloon, making communication easy for guests. Its well-thought interiors are also made to ensure maximum ventilation and light enters the boat—saloon, aft cockpit, cabins and all.


Like any other multihulls, the Leopard 40 is a heavy boat that warrants a bit of puff to get it sailing. With all that space the catamaran for sale offers, expect to rely on the assistance of your cat’s engine should the wind ease and you need to start sailing the waters of the Philippines. There is no need to worry though because there’d be enough power thanks to the three house batteries, not to mention a dedicated battery for each engine.

The Verdict

The Leopard 40 isn’t only designed to give space but also better performance to the future catamaran for sale owners. Its large space that allows panoramic views is perfect for a leisure sail in the Philippines, giving you a better view of the beautiful islands the country is known for. Its slick look combined with its blue-water performance may be Leopard’s trademark, but what makes the Leopard 40 a worthy buy is the excellent visibility its forward-facing galley offers.