Kayak by Rayomarine

Your Mind on Kayak!

When thinking of kayaking, or even just the thought of a kayak, in the Philippines, some people’s minds may immediately go to sports. This is especially true for people who haven’t tried kayaking because kayaking, in their imagination, involves rowing and rowing requires physical exertion. Those who’ve already tried kayaking and are constantly doing it uncompetitively can vouch for the fact that, even with all the rowing, it is a mental exercise and stimulant in so much as it helps to give you…


Unlike competitive activities like basketball, volleyball or even chess, you can go kayaking on your own and let the endeavor sink in by yourself. It’s more a hobby that a sport—kayaking, albeit predominantly a physical activity, can yield the same relaxation as strolling on a bicycle or making origami. And, like origami and other casual hobbies, it requires a pensive sense of…


And we’re not talking about beating a clock, or hitting a ball—we’re speaking on focusing more as a contemplative activity. There’s a whole horizon of nature that surrounds you during kayak trips and, especially in the Philippines, there will always be something new to appreciate and this appreciation is a practice on focus. Not to mention, you also, basically, have to focus on balancing on the kayak or making sure you don’t surge off unto raging waters among other things. But, of course, with focusing and contemplation will blossom…


As in kayaking is a good avenue to get away from the stress and hardships to take time to clear your mind and think about these life obstacles and how to solve them. Think of it this way: some people, after getting into an accident, have sudden clear realizations about life while lying on the hospital bed. We’re not saying that you need to survive a sudden disastrous turn for you to start reassess your life but we are saying that maybe if you can sit down on a kayak, row a couple of times, and free flow through the river, you can, like our hospital bed example, open your mind to seeing life as a body of water that’s always different every time you cross it.

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