I really enjoy getting to run and review new boats, especially when they are done correctly. When one comes around that is built right, it’s an exhilarating thing, and the new Yellowfin 39 is a home run in many ways. Not everyone needs a full-blown 39-foot center console, but if you dream or do have the need, you owe it to yourself to look at this boat. With a foot and a half more beam than the highly popular Yellowfin 36, the new 39 hull was based on the larger 42-foot hull, and the new model is a beast of a boat. I recently tested it with company owner Wylie Nagler out of Yellowfin’s hometown of Sarasota, Florida, on a beautiful spring day with a westerly 15-knot breeze and a rolling sea.


The extra beam does so much for the boat, like providing a more laterally stable platform while running or at rest, plus the 39 can carry quad outboards without crowding them or straining to float them. You also get more storage, a larger console, expanded seating and, naturally, the thing we all want — more fishing room.


I liked the gunwale heights all the way around, especially in the bow area. On larger boats of this nature, they are often too high for anglers to easily walk a fish around the bow or jump on the foredeck to throw a cast net. The dimensions on the 39 all work well, making it a safe and efficient fishing platform. Its wide gunwales make boarding and walking a net back to the wells an easy task.