Yellowfin president Wylie Nagler drove us from the public ramp in Sarasota, Florida, out to the open Gulf of Mexico while I sat forward of the console — something I rarely do aboard center-console boats. I admit it proved an otherworldly sensation sitting up toward the bow underway, where the loudest noise was the wind past my ears rather than the engines. It’s funny: The Yellowfin 42 struck me like the new breed of dishwashers. You walk into the kitchen and hear something but don’t know what it is. Mechanical, but it’s so silent. That’s the way it is sitting on the bow in the 42 with the engines running while underway.


The 42 constitutes such a massive platform that you feel secure even running up-sea. In fact, it’s a little hard to judge the sea state on this boat; it felt like it was 1 to 2 but was actually 2 to 4.