Product Description


Bellingham Marine’s Unideck® system carries on the tradition of precision engineered deck systems.


Unideck® Inland-Water Flotation System: Capitalizing on decades of experience in salt-water dock systems, Bellingham Marine provides Unideck® metal frame systems for inland waterways, rivers and lakes. The result is the same concrete-decked appearance and durability as Unifloat® in a practical design for fresh-water.


Unideck®, Computer Designed and Performance Tested: Our computer designed Unideck® system was tested in over 400,000 wave test cycles at the University of Wisconsin. The designed proved its durability and has developed its own reputation in installations across the United States.


Unideck® Options: Unideck® marinas offer the same options as Unifloat®, including classic wood or plastic decking in lieu of cast concrete covered moorage and all necessary amenities.


Unideck® Life-Cycle Cost Advantages: When life-cycle costs of ownership are factored in, Unideck® is the most cost-effective system on the market today.


Unideck® Installations: Kentucky Dam Marina in the Tennessee Valley Authority waterway is an example of Unideck® versatility and engineering. Developers took advantage of the nearby golf course to create a slip-to-tee resort. With specially designed Unifloat® docks, guests may drive golf carts from the course right to their boats. For a location near you please view our past Unideck® projects


Willow Berm Marina in the Sacramento River Delta employs a combination Unideck® moorage with the extra protection of a Unifloat® wave and debris attenuator and a Unifloat® fuel dock.