Product Description


Bellingham Marine has utilized its dependable and proven Unifloat® product for wave attenuation in numerous applications.


Acting as a floating “breakwater”, Unifloat® wave attenuators are designed and engineered to significantly reduce wave action entering a marina basin. These attenuators are an ideal solution for many harbor applications with some important benefits such as low environmental impact and no water depth limitations. There are four primary variables that affect attenuator performance. They are the mass, the width, the depth and the configuration of the attenuator. Each of these variables must be adjusted to meet the specific design wave criteria for every site.


Unifloat® Attenuator Advantages:Unifloat® attenuators do not inhibit tidal flow or marine ecology. Unifloat® attenuators are cost-effective where other breakwater solutions may not be feasible. Unifloat® attenuators are visually unobtrusive allowing for easy viewing of the waterfront. Unifloat® attenuators do not encourage siltation as other rubble mound or driven pile breakwaters might. Unifloat® attenuators are multi-purposed – – they may be used for transient moorage, public access and fishing, and barriers for floating debris. Often times they create additional revenue streams for their owners.


Technical Advantages: Unifloat® attenuators are individually designed to specific site conditions regarding wind, wave, boat wake and transmitted wave criteria. The inherent mass of the floating concrete Unifloat® system along with a variety of interconnection systems makes it a natural choice for wave attenuation.


Unifloat® Attenuator Installations:Bellingham Marine has manufactured and installed more floating attenuators than anyone in the industry. From Australia to Alaska, from Florida to Maine Unifloat® attenuators are protecting more marinas than any other system in the world. For a location near you, please see our Projects Page or our Wave Attenuator Installation List.