Product Description


Bellingham Marine is pleased to offer its timber dock system to the marina industry. At Bellingham Marine our timber float systems have higher load capacities than other currently available commercial timber systems and are engineered to meet Bellingham’s strict design standards. Quality craftsmanship and top of the line materials ensure the highest level of quality and product consistency.


Bellingham’s timber systems are also designed to maximize shipping and installation efficiencies. This is accomplished by the unique design of the dock system, which features compressed frame modules. The compressed modules significantly reduce the footprint of the shipped components providing over 400% greater shipping capacity.


As the strongest commercially available pre-designed system on the market, Bellingham’s timber docks feature a continuous waler system with steel reinforced connectors. These features in conjunction with linear torsion beams provide not only increased strength but vastly increased stiffness to the dock system.


Timber floats:


In general, wood is an economical and versatile construction material that is used by designers and contractors in the marine industry. Pressure-treated Southern Yellow Pine is a commonly used lumber; however, a variety of soft and hardwood lumber can be used to create the look and feel desired. When properly treated, most types of lumber can have a long useful life and be extremely durable.


Bellingham Marine’s timber floats provide easy trench access for utilities. They are precision engineered for your site to provide a system that is balanced both as an integral unit and within its environment, enabling Bellingham’s timber float systems to meet and exceed anticipated load and locale requirements.




The customization options for Bellingham Marine’s timber floats are as varied as the sites they occupy. Timber floats can be designed to meet the requirements of inland, coastal, freshwater, and saltwater environments.


Lumber choices include, but are not limited to, Southern Yellow Pine, Douglas Fir, several species of Cedar and a variety of imported hardwoods. Use of galvanized hardware and cleats are common choices among Bellingham’s customers but stainless options are also available.


Technical Considerations:

Although there are numerous timber options available for your wood floats, it is important the lumber selected is able to withstand the conditions and climate of the region. Bellingham Marine will make sure your timber system is designed to meet the specifics of your site, your marina operation, and your region. Weather, soil, current, and wave conditions are factored in to ensure your marina is precision engineered for ultimate performance at your location. All Bellingham’s float systems are certified and meet or exceed all State and Federal requirements.


Proven quality, service, dependability and experience are all key factors in selecting the best supplier or contractor for the job. We, at Bellingham Marine, are confident that we measure up on all counts and look forward to discussing your docking needs with you.