Product Description


Marina Accessories, Inc (MAI) is your one-stop-shopping center geared to meet the needs of the commercial marina owner, harbor master, marina contractor, or private boat dock owner. From pile guides and gangways to safety equipment, MAI can supply it. Whether you are looking to replace existing parts or upgrade your current facilities, MAI can help you identify the right product for the job.


Marina Accessories was founded in 1998 by two employees of Bellingham Marine. MAI is an affiliate of Bellingham Marine and was established to meet a growing demand for marina parts specialists. The staff at MAI has used the knowledge gained through Bellingham Marine combined with 50 years of experience in the industry to create a company that has become your selective marina parts specialist. The staff at Marina Accessories knows which marine products are truly high quality.


Visit the Marina Accessories website to view their selection of dock accessories. You can contact an MAI representative at (360) 676-7500 or toll-free in the United States at (800) 585-6890.  You can also reach MAI by email at: