Product Description


Bellingham Marine’s floating platforms are based on the pedigree of the successful Bellingham Unifloat® float modules and offer unrivalled quality, precision engineering, and state of the art stability.


Benefits: Bellingham’s floating platforms enable individuals to transform water into real estate. They enable owners to relocate operations that once required shore side property to the water. Designed and engineered as a stable and unsinkable system, Bellingham’s platform systems can be used for a variety of applications from building foundations to gangway platforms and ferry landings. A floating convenience store or fuel station can make it easy for tenants and visitors to stock up on fuel, ice, bait, and picnic supplies before heading out for the day.


Integration of the right platform can help marina owners overcome the challenge of changing water levels and /or limited availability of shore side property. By constructing fuel stations, dockmaster facilities, restrooms and /or laundry facilities on floating platforms, marinas can offer tenants and visitors all the amenities they desire.


Options: Each Bellingham platform is one of a kind, designed and engineered specifically to the site and the client’s needs. Design options are endless. Size, shape, and application are calculated into the design criteria to create a customized, site-specific platform. Intended to add functionality to the site, there are a myriad of applications for floating platforms. Common platform applications include fuel docks, offices, convenience stores, marine stores, bait and tackle shops, boat and ski rentals, restrooms, and ferry landings.


Technical Considerations:Bellingham’s floating platforms are custom designed to meet various load capacities and customer specifications. Regulatory requirements; site conditions such as wind, wave, weather and geological conditions; and anticipated load requirements are all important elements considered in the design of the platform. Platforms can be constructed in large sections or assembled from modular sections allowing trucking to sites in remote locations. Bellingham can work as a single source contractor handling building and platform design or can work with your architect or builder to ensure design and installation of your platform is carried out with minimal fuss.


Bellingham possesses the knowledge and know-how to design and build a state of the art floating platform to fit your needs. The heart of Bellingham’s success lays in the total commitment to innovation, quality and service