Product Description


Every residential system should be an original, as individual as you, capturing the essence of your waterfront and outdoor lifestyle combined with a small touch of luxury. Each of Bellingham Marine’s floating dock systems are designed and engineered to the finest detail, taking into account the site conditions, such as wind, waves, weather, geological conditions, and size of vessel, to ensure maximum benefits are obtained from both the site and the surroundings.


Purpose built for private dwellings, Bellingham Marine’s residential dock systems are based on the pedigree of the successful Bellingham Unifloat® and Unideck® commercial docking system and offer unrivalled quality, state of the art styling, and precision engineering.


Benefits: Bellingham Marine’s residential floating docks provide numerous benefits to waterfront owners. If you are fortunate enough to own waterfront property, you know that a dock is essential for realizing maximum value and enjoyment of that lifestyle. Many waterfront owners would agree that the quality of the access provided for boating, fishing, swimming and other forms of recreation is the capstone of their overall experience of living on the water. Common benefits of residential docks include easy recreational access to water, convenient and secure moorage, and increased property value.


The site specific designs offered by Bellingham Marine provide the ultimate in stability, safety and longevity insuring that the waterfront living experience is enhanced to the greatest extent possible. With Bellingham Marine’s floating docks you get precision engineering and innovative features, coupled with over 45 years experience to bring you a product that best complements your lifestyle and surroundings. Bellingham Marine delivers proven durability and low maintenance to residential dock owners and marina operators alike.


Options: Residential dock systems offer a variety of options including classic wood, composite, concrete (in broom or specialty finishes) or carpeted decking, just to name a few. Accenting the world’s leading residential floating dock systems with fendering, lighting, power centers and a wide range of other available amenities for safety and convenience provide the finishing touches that make each Bellingham Marine residential dock unique, to its owner’s needs.


Other key components which are often an integral part of residential dock systems such as the gangway or ramp system can be designed specifically to meet the needs of the boat dock owner. A traditional aluminum structure that minimizes maintenance and weight is just one of the many options available for residential gangways.


Quality, service, dependability and experience are all key factors in selecting the best supplier or contractor for your job. We, at Bellingham Marine, are confident that we measure up on all counts and look forward to discussing your residential docking system needs with you.