Product Description


Covered Moorage: Covered wet slips are a logical way of protecting any sized vessel.

Bellingham Marine’s Unifloat® and Unideck® systems are available with a structurally designed roof system designed to protect boats and marina guests from the elements. These covered systems provide an open atmosphere under the roof while maintaining the structural strength for site-specific wind and snow loads, as engineered by Bellingham Marine. Special construction considerations are given to maintain the structural integrity of the roof and docking system.


Bellingham Marine’s covered moorage systems feature a galvanized steel framework that supports the roofing structure.


Customization: Like all of Bellingham Marine’s products, its roofing systems are site specific. They can be built to accommodate large yachts and houseboats as well as smaller vessels. However size is not the only element of Bellingham Marine’s covered moorage systems that can be customized; almost every aspect of the roofing system can be built to achieve maximum benefits from the site and surroundings. End and side walls can be added for increased protection and roofing material, color and style and be designed to fit into the overall architectural theme of the marina.


In regions where snow loading requirements are of concern, removable roofs can be designed to accommodate the local environment. With a removable roof, boaters can enjoy the comfort of the covered slips during the boating season, yet the roof can be removed prior to winter snows to meet the structural challenge of the snow loading requirements.


Technical Considerations: Bellingham Marine’s covered moorage systems are designed to meet the increased concerns associated with marina fires and provide appropriate fire protection. Preventive measures are adopted during the design and construction phase to significantly reduce potential hazards. Today, covered moorage structures are being equipped with smoke and heat vents to help slow the spread of fire by allowing heat and smoke to escape more quickly. Careful consideration is also given to the material of the roof to help avoid trapping the fire.


Installation: A number of US marinas have reaped the benefits of Bellingham Marine’s covered roofing systems. Several of Bellingham’s covered moorage projects include Jantzen Bay Marina in Oregon, Tiki Marina and Sacramento Marina in California, Kentucky Dam Marina in Kentucky and Willow Berm Marina in California.


Quality, service, dependability and experience are all key factors in selecting the best supplier or contractor for the job. We, at Bellingham Marine, are confident that we measure up on all counts and look forward to discussing your covered moorage needs with you.