Product Description

Bellingham Marine’s Unifloat® (concrete floating docks) system has become the industry standard for the modern marina since first introduced in 1958.


The Unifloat® system features 11 patented innovations and is continuously being developed and improved. Unifloat® docks have proven their durability, with nearly 20 million square feet of Unifloat® (concrete floating) docks installed during the past 50 years. The system is stable and doesn’t rot, burn, corrode, loosen, or rattle as in other systems. The concrete deck surface is safe, permanent, and is finished with non-skid walking surface.


Unifloat® Installations: From Cabo San Lucas in Mexico to Auckland, New Zealand, Unifloat’s clean lines and solid construction can be seen around the world. For a location near you, please see our Projects Page where you can choose to view our Current Project List or our extensive list of Past Projects.


Technical Advantages of Unifloat®:The Unifloat® floating dock system is composed of individual concrete float modules connected with a through-rod system developed by Bellingham Marine in the 1960s. The modular concept allows virtually any size or configuration. Durable through-rods allow easy reconfiguration and expansion of flotation systems as needs change.


Unifloat® special features include:Strong, rugged, durable, proven system Modular flexibility, speed of installation Safe, non-flammable, easily incorporates permanent non-skid surfaces Wave resistance, offers protection to boats and stability to users Salt and fresh-water resistant. Submersion of floats actually increases durability Environmentally friendly, non-polluting


Unifloat® Options: Unifloat® marinas offer a variety of configurations and options, including classic wood decking, covered moorage, and a wide range of special amenities for safety, convenience, and service to make your marina distinctive.


Unifloat® Life-Cycle Cost Advantages: Unifloat® marinas offer the lowest life-cycle costs in the industry. Bellingham Marine quality and site-specific engineering delivers proven durability and low maintenance to operators world wide. Affordable at the start, with minimal maintenance costs, lower insurance from fire-resistant concrete, Unifloat® concrete floating docks make financial sense while offering the toughness and beauty you need in a floating dock system.