Product Description

Created to meet the growing demand for dry storage facilities, Unistack® accommodates boats up to 50 feet (15.24 meters) long. Stored inside the Unistack® dry storage structure, boats, along with their gel-coat surfaces, canvas and upholstery, are protected from sun, rain, ice, wind and the wear and tear of trailering.


Unistack® Design Features: the dry stack can be customized to meet any owner requirement. Racks are engineered to be adjustable and are easily reconfigured for boats of varying sizes and weights. Unistack® installations may be designed to accommodate retail concessions, repair and maintenance facilities and office space, at the owner’s discretion. Designs are prepared in feet and inches as well as metric per our international standards.


Unistack® Quality of Construction: is better built and a better value because each installation is site engineered to Bellingham Marine’s high quality standards. Unistack® installations are built to withstand the harsh weather found in various regions of the world. As an owner or operator, you will have the confidence that the valuable property your dry storage facility protects is in good care.


Unistack® Advantages: Unistack® is designed as a “rack supported” structure. This type of design creates efficiencies by utilizing the boat storage racks as the building’s structural framing. This construction has the potential to also create business (tax) advantages for our owners.


Unistack® Dry Storage Systems are the ideal solution where winter weather and lack of space make wet moorage hazardous or expensive. Unistack protects boats from sun, salt, wind, rain, ice and snow.


Unistack® is a flexible dry storage system, allowing owners and operators to change the shelf configurations to match their customer requirements. Unistack® is built with the same quality and durability that Bellingham Marine customers have come to expect with Unifloat® and Unideck®.


Unistack® Installations: Bellingham Marine has designed, manufactured and installed Unistack® dry stack systems at locations around the world. For a location near you, please see our past Unistack® projects where you can view our Past Project List of Unistack® installations.